Homicidal Tots?

IMG_0260 (2)

When my son, Xavier (or XO, as we call him) was about a year old, he was saying ‘daddy’ distinctly and clearly. In fact, he used to sing with the word, chanting, ‘dah-da-deee, dah-da-DEE!’ It used to irk my wife quite a bit because he would rarely utter the word ‘mommy’.

Now, XO is approaching two years of age and he has been walking for almost a year, running for several months and (heaven help me) climbing for about as long, so I have had the obligation to scold him when his locomotion has strayed beyond acceptable limits. Sometimes, I’ve even had to punish him by sending him to sit down when he has been insistent about doing something he’s been repeatedly told not to.

My dear wife usually thinks I am too hard-nosed about it, often completely neutralizing my punishment by getting all huggy-kissy with him. I hold the opinion that she is his slave whom he bullies as he pleases and I insist that someone (me) needs to step in with the firm hand when he misbehaves.

After almost a year of this pushing-and-pulling, XO has added new words and phrases; ‘Oh no!’, ‘More!’, ‘a-ball’, ‘nose’, and (yes) ‘mommy!’ He doesn’t say ‘daddy’ anymore, though, not like he used to anyway. Now, when he utters that word, he cannot be bothered to plug in all of the consonants- specifically the two Ds in the middle of the word.

prefer to think it’s just a bit of laziness because, if it isn’t, I hate to think of the alternative interpretation of my son looking at me and chanting ‘daeee, daeee, dieee, dieee!


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